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Eco Friendly Soap

Is Bar or Liquid Soap the More Eco Friendly Soap?

Cruelty Free Bar Soap

As more people become conscious and aware of the impact that they have on the environment, more and more people are opting for eco friendly products, including eco friendly soap. If you are looking to purchase eco friendly soap, you may find yourself wondering if liquid soap or bar soap is better for the environment. As a general rule of thumb, bar soap is the more eco friendly soap, as it takes about double the amount of energy to produce liquid soap compared to bar soap. In addition to this though, you need to look at the ingredients in the soap. Trying to opt for natural soaps and/or organic soaps, as these tend to be better for the environment. Are you ready to look for the perfect bar of eco friendly soap for your needs? Shop online with Ecology Soap, located in Astoria, NY. today.

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