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Essential Oil Soap

Reasons to Select Essential Oil Soap

When you lather up and wash your body, the scents that the soap emits can have an effect on you. For example, peppermint can wake you up and lavender can help to calm and relax you. Unfortunately though, many types of soaps use perfumes or other superficial scents that may irritate your skin or cause a rash. The biggest reason to use essential oil soap is because the oils are safe to use even on sensitive skin. They will not irritate the skin, cause dryness or lead to rashes. There are also a wide array of essential oils available, allowing you to select from natural scents, each of which have their own unique benefits associated with them. Are you ready to try out essential oil soap and discover the benefits for yourself? Place an order with Ecology Soap, proudly making our soaps in Astoria, NY.

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