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Soap Nuts

What Are Soap Nuts?

Bunny Brand

Are you looking for more natural products to use in your everyday life? If so, soap nuts may be a great product for you to learn more about. Soap nuts are used to do laundry. These nuts are actually dried berries that grow in Nepal. This particular type of berries contains saponin, a natural item that helps the tree to repel insects. While the nuts help the tree, that is not their only benefit. The saponin that is emitted from them can be used to clean clothing. A few soap nuts can be placed in a muslin bag or soak, and as the wash process is completed, the saponin is released and cleanses your clothing. Soap nuts are a natural and safe way to get your clothing clean without using harsh chemicals or additives that can cause a reaction on your skin or harm the environment. Place your order for soap nuts with Ecology Soap today.

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