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Sulfate Free Soap

Reasons to Purchase Sulfate Free Soap

Sulfate, or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, is a chemical that has long been found in most of the soaps we use on our body, in our hair, in laundry detergent and even in dish detergent. Sulfate replaced lye, which was a much harsher chemical, because it was less harsh and cheaper. However, these days, we have other products that clean just as effectively, without using the harsh sulfate chemical. One of the reasons why you should consider purchasing sulfate free soap is because sulfate has been linked to skin irritation and eczema. Secondly, sulfate has been shown to corrode in order to clean. This means it is breaking down your hair or skin to make it look cleaner. Replacing your sulfate soaps with sulfate free soap can help to restore moisture and appearance to your hair and body. Are you ready to place an order for sulfate free soap? Order from Ecology Soap.

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