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Talc Free

Why You Should Consider Using Talc Free Powders and Make-Up

Talc was so common and believed to be so safe that is was used in baby powder. Talc could also be found in body powder and make-up powders. However, over the years talc has been linked to an increase in cancer. Some talc contained asbestos, which is believed to have been a leading contributor to the cancer. However, it is not currently known whether asbestos-free talc is linked to cancer or not, as studies are still pending. As such, you may want to use talc free powders and make-up. No one wants to run the risk of obtaining cancer from powders and make-up, so selecting talc free options is the best way to go until conclusive studies are completed. Are you looking to purchase powders that are talc free? Place your order with Ecology Soap, operating out of Astoria, NY.

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